Small Groups

At Zionsville UMC, we believe in the power of small groups. These groups read and study together, serve together, and uphold one another in prayer. There are ongoing groups that have been meeting for years as well as newly formed groups that have only recently joined together. There are groups of people covering all different ages and stages of life.

All groups have a host(s) who help organize the group and facilitate conversation. Groups meet in people’s homes, at church, around the city, or at restaurants.  They may have specific demographics, such as seniors, couples, young adults, empty nesters, etc.  Although most groups are open to all. 

We intentionally start new groups twice per year but you can join a group at any time of the year.

In the month of September, we will begin a new sermon series entitled “Strong and Weak.” As part of the series, we’re encouraging everyone to join in a five-week small group for discussion and reflection.

Listed below are the small groups we currently have open and some of the classes we have available.

Would you like to know more about a group or sign up? Join us in the café after service on August 25 or email Pastor Seth (

Strong and Weak Studies

Craig & Sue Andrews
E/O Sun, 5:30pm / 4527 Sunflower Ct, Zionsville

Don & Sharon Thompson
Sun, 12:00pm / Zionsville UMC

Seth Neckers (Young Adults) °
Sun, 6:00pm / Zionsville UMC

Bob Dralle
Tues, 9:00am/ 3950 S. 950 E, Zionsville

Bob Dralle
Tues, 6:30pm / Zionsville UMC

Ken & Christine Price
Tues, 7:00pm / Zionsville UMC

Dave Williamson (Young Couples & Families) °
E/O Wed, 6:00pm / Zionsville UMC

Other Studies and Groups

Dianne Studebaker (Companions in Christ)
Thurs, 10:00am / Zionsville UMC

Curtis Shrote (The Explorers) °
Sun, 9:30am / Zionsville UMC

Dianne Studebaker (The Way) °
Sun, 9:30am / Zionsville UMC

ZSpa (Women’s Group) °
Sun, 10:45am / Zionsville UMC

The Wired Word °
Sun, 10:45am / Zionsville UMC

Craig Andrews (The Huddle, Men’s Group) °
Sun, 10:45am / Zionsville UMC

Kelley Davidson (Parents of all Ages Parenting Class)
Sun / 10300 Cottonwood Ct., Zionsville

Ramona Paulsrud & Della Arnold
Tues, 9:30am / Zionsville UMC

Lee & Judy Goodwin (Empty Nesters)
E/O Wed, 7:00pm / Homes Rotate

Chassity Neckers (Women)
ONLINE starting in October, meet in person once a month

Gretchen Stark (Mothers of Preschoolers) °
E/O Fri, 9:30am / Zionsville UMC

Perry Montgomery (Divorce Support) °
E/O Wed, 6pm / Zionsville UMC

Sherman Whitfield & Bob Grimm (The Color of Compromise)
Oct 1, 3, 8, 7pm / Zionsville UMC

° = childcare provided
E/O = Every Other