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ZUMC is a gateway of good throughout Zionsville, Boone County, the Indianapolis area as well as around the world.  In a given week there are so many great organizations that use ZUMC as their home to connect with children, youth, adults, seniors as well as non-believers.  Please consider supporting ZUMC to help spread the word of God throughout our community and around the world and help support the various missions you and we are passionate about. 

To contact our Accounting Manager, please email Shellody Brenton at sbrenton@zumc.org.

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2017 Narrative Budget

This is where the rubber of growing disciples meets the road.  Your dollars keep vibrant all our children’s ministry, youth ministry, adult education and small groups, plus our Senior Adult ministry.  Funds support curriculum, crafts, trips, volunteers, VBS, and all investment of staff persons in these ministries.  

$ 186,690    WORSHIP            
Worship is one of the primary ministries of any church.  Strong music.  Solid preaching.  Hearing the Word.  A meaningful sacramental life.  These are a few of the many ways we offer ourselves to God.  Zionsville UMC is blessed to have two different worship styles that people can choose from.  And we have donuts!  Nearly 2,000 different persons worship with us through the course of the year.  Amazing!

The care of souls matters to our church family.  This investment represents our pastors’ time in caring for people, as well as our Stephen Ministry, Prayer Ministry, Funeral ministry, and numerous other expressions of love, listening, and supporting persons in time of need.

$187,000    OUTREACH            
Outreach includes our staff and program investment in reaching out to our community in both evangelism and in mission.  Regarding support of community and world needs, we give more than $150,000 locally and through the United Methodist church.  Over on top of the budget itself, our church gave nearly a quarter of a million dollars to mission agencies making a difference in the lives of people. 

211,300    SUPPORT SYSTEMS            
These dollars are the foundation on which all other ministries happen.  Investments must be made in keeping the office going, copiers churning, and all supplies at hand.  Websites must be maintained and phone apps up-to-date.  This is the place where time is taken to support and develop leadership of people and ideas.  Fund raising for our church is part of this aspect of the budget, as well as proper accounting, payroll, and record-keeping.  All things need support, including the life and ministry of a church.

$465,000    FACILITY            
Newcomers to ZUMC always comment on the attractiveness and cleanliness of our facility.  We are a 7 day a week church!  Funds invested here support maintenance and upkeep, utilities, staff, insurance, and many supplies.  Our facility is a blessing not just to us, but to the many community groups who gather here.  It is not surprising it is the single largest piece of our budget pie.  It gets used!


Enduring Gifts

Zionsville UMC has received a gift of $500,000. This gift is to initiate several endowments or "Enduring Gifts." Endowments are funds where income earned from gifts is used in ministry. For example: A $100,000 endowment earning 5% would give ZUMC $5,000 each year. Our donors have asked to "seed" several areas for endowment. The categories of our are as follows:

  • $100,000 - Indiana Children's Home
  • $100,000 - Fletcher Place Community Center
  • $50,000 - Indianapolis Ten Point Coalition
  • $50,000 - Mission Guatemala
  • $50,000 - ZUMC Facilities
  • $50,000 - ZUMC Traditional Worship (June Edison Fund)
  • $50,000 - ZUMC Youth Leader Fund
  • $25,000 - Robert's Park Outreach Program
  • $25,000 - United Methodist Committee on Relief (UMCOR)

Additionally, the donor will match anyone giving to these funds, dollar for dollar, up to another $250,000. We are grateful to God for the generosity of this donor and we encourage you to add your gifts as well. If you would like to contribute to one of these areas, please contact the church office (317-873-2623). 

Online Gifts

Givelify is the church's portal portal for online giving and you can donate through your mobile app, or here.  The church does absorb the 2.9% transaction fee for your donation, so please take this into consideration in your giving.  Givelify accepts Visa, MasterCard and Discover.  American Express is not currently an option.

Direct Debit Process (Automatic Withdrawal)

You are invited to participate in a Direct Debit process for your giving to the church.  This process will move your contribution from your checking account to the church account automatically each month.  This is a convenience offer to you and your family and a benefit to the church as it provides a more consistent income for ministry each month. 

If you are interested, please download and complete the application here, attach a voided check from your account, sign and date at the appropriate place and return to Jen Dell, Financial Secretary.

Your application must be received by the first of the month in which you wish to begin direct debit to Zionsville United Methodist Church.  Applications received during the month will begin deductions the following month.  All debit transfers will be performed the 21st of each month.

If you have further questions or concerns, please contact Jen Dell at 317-873-2623 or email

Thank you for your gifts to the ministry and mission of ZUMC.