Thanks for your interest in Zionsville United Methodist Church.  ZUMC is a place with a lot of energy and warmth toward people.  While we have plenty of activities and opportunities, you will find that people are the center of our mission.  That is because we are a reflection of the love of God for the world.  We aren’t all alike at ZUMC, but we are united in living out our lives as disciples of Jesus Christ.

Each person in our church family is like you—full of hopes and dreams, needs and joys.  We are all at various stages in our spiritual life.  We are OK with that.  In fact, we think it is God’s plan that we are a place for all kinds of people.  For that reason, you find more grace here than judgment.

Check us out in person.  This site will be your portal to all we do in worship, learning, and service.  When you come to see us, be sure to find me for a greeting, handshake, or hug. I would love to meet you and your family.

*Note: The church office is open daily 9:00 am- 4:00 pm and you can call anytime. If you reach the voicemail, please leave a message and our staff will return your call. You can also send an email to Dawn McKnight, our Office Administrator. 

Pastoral Listening Sessions

Beginning his first week at ZUMC, Pastor Dave began meeting with small groups of members. Some of these were pre-existing small groups, some were composed of random individuals who wanted the opportunity to meet the new pastor. They ranged in size from six to thirty people, with the average being around fifteen in a group. In all, he met with 20 different groups, eighteen of which engaged in four questions (two groups elected to follow a different format for their session). This means that the information presented below represents the collective responses of ~300 members of our church.