Our mission is to inspire kids to know God and grow in their relationship with Christ.  At ZUMKidz, we are growing disciples, where they learn to serve and share Christ with others.  Through our weekend ministry, kids age three to sixth grade will enthusiastically be engaged in praising and glorifying God.  Our hope is that your child is lifted through love and filled with faith. As soon as you walk through our doors, volunteers are engaging you to provide an experience that connects you to God.

Sunday Morning Experience at ZUMC

At 9:30, we offer the following experience:

  • Education Hallway

    • 1st Grade :  Room #1

    • 2nd Grade:  Room #2

    • 3’s – PreK: Room#3

    • Kindergarten:  Room #5

    • Nursery: Room #9

    • Two’s: Room #10

  • Main Hallway

    •  3rd and 4th Grade: Room C112 and C113

    • Route 56: Chapel

    • ZUMKidz Large Group: C109 and C111

At 10:45, we offer the following experience:

  • Nursery and Toddler Care #9 and 10 Education Hallway

  • PreK - 1st Grade Room #3 Education Hallway

  • 2nd- 6th Grade Rooms C113 and C112 Main Hallway West End

Kids in grades 1 - 4 will begin their time in Classrooms, Worship together in the Large Group Rooms and Return to Classrooms for Conversation and Activities until the end of the service.

Please contact Tracy Vermillion, Director of Children’s Ministry for more information about ZUMKidz.

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Important Photography Announcement:    Periodically we will have a photographer take pictures of our ZUMKidz Sunday experience and events.  We capture these experiences to share through our website, printed material and social media.  If you prefer not to have your child photographed for this purpose, please contact Tracy Vermillion 

What's Happening in ZUMKidz This Week?



February: Service

Lending a hand to help someone else


BIBLE STORY: John 13: 1- 17

BOTTOM LINE: Serve others because of what Jesus did

ASK YOUR CHILD: Why should we serve others?


BIBLE STORY: 1 Peter 4: 10-11

BOTTOM LINE: Look for ways to serve others

ASK YOUR CHILD: How can you serve someone today?


BIBLE STORY:  John 6: 1-13

BOTTOM LINE: Use what you have to serve others

ASK YOUR CHILD: What do you have that you can use to serve others?


BIBLE STORY:  Matthew 6: 1-4

BOTTOM LINE: Serve others without looking for applause

ASK YOUR CHILD: What would happen if you neer got credit for serving?


 Upcoming Events

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Winter Carnival 2019

We are super excited about the Winter Carnival on February 9th from 6:00 - 8:00 p.m. at Zionsville United Methodist Church. Come and join us for a fantastic evening. We will have bounce houses, carnival games, prizes, carnival food, face painting, balloon animals and everyone's favorite, the Cake Walk. Winter Carnival is a family event, suitable for all ages! Wristbands for food and games will be available for purchase.

All proceeds and donations go to support the Ohana House in Lebanon, IN.

Would you like to pre-pay for your Winter Carnival wristband or make a donation to Ohana House? You can do so using the PayPal link below. If you pre-pay for your wristbands, please come directly to the pre-paid table upon arrival to receive your wristband.

Winter Carnival Wristbands
Route 56.gif

Middle School Bible Study

Meets regularly on Wednesday mornings at 7:40 AM. We will meet each week (starting January 23rd). We encourage inviting friends. We will provide a grab and go breakfast and transportation to school. There is a waiver that needs to be completed for riding the bus and for permission to attend. The link is below.

Waiver and Permission Form

Zionsville United Methodist Church is located directly across from Mulberry Fields on Whitestown Road.  We will have you enter door #11 which is on the east side of the building.  This is the gym entrance.  Please make sure you have your waiver/permission form (Link above).


Tracy Vermillion


Children in Worship

  • Worship begins as you enter the church. Include children when you greet others in the congregation or introduce yourself to new people and their children.

  • Help your children locate scripture readings from the Bible.

  • Comment on special events in worship such as baptism and other special days in the life of the church. Note changes: Do you notice certain colors? How about the altar, is it set for communion? Are there different decorations?

  • Ask your children to listen to the sermon and share what was learned when you talk about it later at home. Note-taking and coloring supplies are located at the back of the sanctuary.

  • Instead of being a distraction, an activity can help children concentrate. Pencils and crayons
    are practical aids in worship participation.

  • Help children further participate by giving their own offering, no matter how small.

  • Your children are welcome to join you as you take part in Holy Communion. Whether a member of ZUMC or not, God's table is open to everyone. These gifts are a sign of the grace of God given through Jesus. Share with them the meaning of the bread and cup.

  • Make Sunday worship a regular part of the time you spend with your children. Let God's love be evident during the rest of the week.

  • Pray together at home. Pray for the people, needs and events of the church using the Sunday bulletin as a reminder. Include your children's friends and families in your prayers.

  • For the next several years, you will be worshipping with your children. Our congregation supports you in this important ministry as parents, and we hope these suggestions will help enrich your experience.


Our Orange curriculum is designed to provoke discovery and invite kids into a new understanding of how to grow in relationship with Jesus.


Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ's)

Check-In Process
When you arrive for ZUMKidz, you and your child will sign in at the computer stations at the West end of the building (outside the church offices). You will print out a nametag for each child with a matching slip for parents. Your child will not be released from his or her classroom until we receive the matching code back from you.

Safety and Security
Our volunteers must complete submit a background check and attend mandatory child protection policy training. For your child's safety, our volunteers never serve alone. 

Snacks and Allergies
Our classrooms sometimes serve basic snacks like Cheerios or graham crackers. If your child has any allergies, please let us know.

Where can I find forms for events or volunteering

Waiver and Release Form/Permission Slip

 ZUMKidz Volunteer Form                                                    

Volunteer Background check

Important Photography Announcement:    Periodically we will have a photographer take pictures of our ZUMKidz Sunday experience and events.  We capture these experiences to share through our website, printed material and social media.  If you prefer not to have your child photographed for this purpose, please contact Tracy Vermillion 


Opportunities to Serve

We invite you to join us on our Sunday Adventures, where we inspire kids to get to know God by easy-to-lead activities that are fun, flexible and help children experience each Bible story! 

Let us do the prepping to make sure you have everything you need to connect our kids to God. We will email you descriptions/instructions of what is happening in class each week.  We will provide all materials so when you arrive on Sunday mornings; you enter the classroom with everything ready to go.

We have classes for kiddos Preschool - 6th Grade during the 9:30 and 10:45 service.  Please let us know what grade level you're interested in sharing your faith with and we'll help you get connected. Join us as we grow disciples, where they learn to serve and share Christ with others.  

Want to be a part of a chain reaction – Get involved with Children’s ministries and watch how sharing your faith can lead our children to share their faith and grow God’s kingdom. ZUMKidz offers other great experiences for kids:

  • Route 56 outings – 5th and 6th graders gathering for fun, encouragement, and team building. Past events have included laser tag, kayaking, SuperStart Conference, and service opportunities.

  • Family Winter Carnival

  • Easter Egg -stravaganza

  • Vacation Bible School

  • Cookie Decorating during Christmas in the Village

  • Christmas movie/jammies Sunday

  • Children’s Christmas Musical

  • and more….