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Parent Resources

Tech Talk Tuesdays: Dr. Ruston’s weekly blog to receive conversation starters about social media, video game use, tech tips, latest research and more.

Child Mind Institute: We transform lives with compassionate clinical care, innovative research, high-impact awareness campaigns, free online resources, and direct action in schools and communities.

Widen The Circle

Be on the lookout for other caring adults that can invest in your kids.

Celebrating Through the Phases

Ideas to help you celebrate what is good right now.

Creating a Rhythm

Morning Time. Drive Time. Meal Time. Bed Time.

Fight for the Heart

How do we fight for our kids’ hearts? We fight by listening. We listen to their words—the things they say and don’t say. We fight by paying attention. We pay attention to their likes, dislikes, embarrassments, and hurts. We fight by being intentional. When you fight for your child’s heart, you prioritize your relationship with them.