school blessing2.png

It’s the first week of school and while teachers, administration and staff have been busy preparing for the year, families are trying to enjoy the last moments of summer mingled with back to school activities.  There is an excitement in the hallways: the meeting of teachers, looking for familiar faces, opening lockers, memorizing schedules and getting to know the building. As part of the excitement of the new school year, Zionsville United Methodist Church has planned a special Community School Blessing Sunday, August 11th @ 10:00 am. 

Two core parts of any community are its schools and places of worship.  We invite all teachers, administrators, staff and students to worship together at ZUMC.  What a wonderful way to start the school year, with a blessing. 

Please come and enjoy the community of faith where we work together in the lives of our kids, in the schools where they attend, in the places they play sports and practice the arts, in the neighborhoods where we all live.

Hope to see you on Sunday, August 11th at 10:00 am!

Dave Williamson
ZUMC Senior Pastor