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Once, when Jesus was criticized by religious teachers for spending time with the known sinners of his day, he responded with three stories. In each, something or someone is lost, what is lost is sought after and found, and there is celebration at the lost being found. These stories reveal God's heart for those who are far from him and his desire to go to whatever lengths it takes to bring them back. This is a desire we as the church should share.

Join us as we explore God's relentless love and how we can help the lost be found through simple but meaningful acts each week.

Week 1 (July 14) The Outsiders
In Luke 15:3-7, Jesus tells the story of a shepherd who loses a sheep and leaves the other 99 in the flock to find his lost sheep. Because God's love is for all, his attention is turned to the outsiders, the lost, the forgotten. We as Christians must go and do the same in our lives, looking beyond our own congregation to the world Jesus loves.

Week 2 (July 21) The Insiders
In Luke 15:8-10, Jesus tells the story of a coin that is lost inside a woman's home and the great search for her coin. Even if a person is part a community of faith, sometimes they slip through the cracks like a lost coin. It is our responsibility to reconnect.

Week 3 (July 28) The Lost and the Found
In Luke 15:11-32, Jesus tells a story of a son who demands his inheritance from his father, leaves and wastes it all on reckless living. He returns to his home hoping to live as a servant, but instead is welcomed back as an honored son, much to the displeasure of his older brother. We may make a tremendous number of mistakes in life, but God's grace is always greater. He awaits with arms open to embrace us. God welcomes the outsiders back in, while those inside who don't have the same love are left out.

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Prayer Walk
During week 1 of this series we would like you to take a prayer walk in your neighborhood. You can do so by yourself or gather a group of friends and neighbors to walk around your neighborhood. Feel free to use the images below as a guide for your walk.


Praying Through Your Contacts
During week 2 of this series we would like you to take some time and prayer for the people on your contact lists. “Contact-praying” is about intentionally taking time to remember those individuals with whom you have shared life. Some of those contacts may live close by, or may be in frequent touch. But no doubt you have many contacts with whom you have lost touch—their present needs or reality may be unknown. Contact praying is a way of renewing your concern for them, and reconnecting your life to theirs.

Feel free to use the images below as a guide for praying through your contacts.