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The United Methodist Church has been active in Africa since the 1800’s.  Indiana UMC’s OPERATION CLASSROOM has provided a secondary education experience in Sierra Leone and Liberia (Africa) for over 30 years.  NOW is the time they need to shift paradigms and equip young men and women with skills to provide opportunities that may not be normative within their culture.  

Enter the Taiama Enterprise Academy (T.E.A.) – a pilot project to provide innovative education that has the potential to help break the cycles of poverty and dysfunction.  They need our help!     The T.E.A. Project has been chosen as the 2018 Lenten Offering Recipient! The Mission Goal is to raise $25,000 with a God Miracle Goal of $30,000.

Not only do we wish to support the work of T.E.A. with our finances, we wish to support them with our prayers as well. Please join us over the next 40 days of Lent in praying for T.E.A. and the work they do. Each week, we will send out information about T.E.A through the mobile app, Facebook, and this site. Your prayers are coveted and we hope you will consider giving generously throughout the season of Lent.


About Taiama Enterprise Academy


The Taiama SS School was built back in the 1960’s.   The quality of construction is unlike any other UM School in Sierra Leone.  The school was abandoned during the civil war, but was not “sacked” by the rebels.  All but one of the buildings are structurally sound, and much of the infrastructure is still functional.   Many of the corrugated metal roofs are still in good shape, even after 50 years, and most plumbing fixtures were stainless steel, and are as good as they were when installed.   It may also be significant that the school is actually a “campus”, instead of just a string of classrooms.  Plus, it’s more less laid out along the lines of a West African rural village.  

The Academy includes a library, classrooms, staff offices, dormitories, guest house, staff quarters, garage, dining hall, agriculture lab, kitchen, generator house, and two water towers.