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On July 29 we are starting a brand new sermon series called "House Rules." During this series, we’ll reflect as individual families on the wisdom and ways of living that make us all unique, and explore as a church family the values we hold in common, all while learning more about the "rules" that shaped the faith communities of the Bible (the Ten Commandments, the Golden Rule, etc...). 

We want to make sure you get the chance to be an active participant in this series. To that end, we want to invite you to do two different things.

Board Game Collection
For the entirety of this series (through August 26) we will collect new or like-new board games.  We will donate these games to Family Promise and other organizations to share with families. Games can be placed in the large bins at either end of the building.

Personal Family Rules
We want your family to think through the rules that your family wants to live by. If you complete the form below, we will print out an 8x10 poster or your personalized family rules. In order to be printed by the end of August, please have your form completed no later than August 20.

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