Camel Lot 16_9.png

Camel Lot - 2019 Children’s Christmas Musical

Beth has been practicing hard for the church Christmas pageant. Her Dad (who runs a car dealership), may be too busy with Christmas car sales to make it to the program. Exhausted from practice, with lines from Luke 2 swirling in her mind, she drifts off to sleep. Transported by Beth’s imagination (and a sound effect or two!) we all “wake up” in Bethlehem on a very special day, and in a most unusual place — the Camel Lot! It doesn’t take long, inside Beth’s topsy-turvy dream world, to encounter camel shoppers, sales people, shepherds, wise men, and a very familiar story, told in a fun and refreshing new way!


We're so excited to have you participate in the Christmas Musical! The more you listen to the songs, the better you'll know them! So please use this site to rock away! You can bookmark this site and listen straight from here or download the files and upload them to whatever music player you use on your phone (iTunes, for example).